European Branch

Minutes of Board-Meetings:

Minutes - HOFE Meeting - Online, 17.06.2021
Present: André, Alan, Alfredo, Arne, Ekkehard, Eva, Dieter, George, Simona, Balazs, Maria, Sue, Rosa Maria, Jim Pappas, Sturla


  1. Introduction by André and information by Jim.
  2. Induction 2021: The induction 2021 will take place in Florida in October, back-to-back with an AAAC-conference. All in all, 19 nominations received, half of those from outside the US. HOFE members have nominated e.g., Michael Osborne (Scotland), Niamh O'Reilly (Ireland) and Licínio Lima (Portugal).
  3. Induction 2022: Will it be possible to have the induction in Europe or another place outside the US? Two options were discussed:
    a. Ireland may be Cork (Learning city), cooperation with AONTAS and/or ASEM and/or an Irish University (Maynooth was mentioned).
    b. Morocco, alongside Confintea VII, which is planned for October 2022. Maria, Ekkehard and Simona will follow up these options and give a feedback about the Irish option before the end of July 2021. If not Ireland, we will go further with the Morocco options or other proposals.
  4. Information from our HOF Board members (Simona, Eva, George) by Eva.
  5. The request for articles for Dieter. Dieter could inform us all that he has not received any article so far, but he is still optimistic. … Dieter will present the idea for articles “ALE after Covid etc”) in HOF Newsletter and web.
  6. The request for collecting Ph.D.-studies. This idea came from Olivier and Philippe at our last meeting. As they were not present, we postponed the issue. They have promised to invite to a special meeting for those who have a deeper interest in this field. Sturla/Andre will remind them.
  7. The campaign “We are ALE” and the project “Curriculum GlobALE”. This is initiatives by ICAE (ALE) and ICAE in cooperation with DVV, German Institute of Adult Education and UIL. See links:
  8. Next meeting: Another online meeting at the beginning of September 2021. A physical meeting in Girona at the beginning of May 2022 (as planned for 2020)
  9. Like HOF, HOFE might also plan and organize online webinars on issues and themes of common interest. Let us have this in mind, and feel free to come up with ideas and proposals.
  10. The European Bildung Day (in May 2021) was mentioned by Rosa and Sturla, who gave a keynote. A Global Building Day is planned for October this year. The initiative comes from Nordic Bildung by Lene Andersen, ref. her book “The Nordic Secret). Link:
18.06.2021 Sturla