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The International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame honors outstanding leaders in the fields of adult learning and continuing education who are distinguished as a scholar, practitioner, or policy-maker.

The Hall serves as a record of inspiration for the next generation of adult and continuing education leaders.

To be eligible for induction into the Hall of Fame, a person must be eminently distinguished in the profession, shall have brought honor or distinction, and shall have contributed to the heritage of adult and continuing education.

Annually, around ten adult and continuing education leaders from around the world are selected for induction into the International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame. These individuals reflect the great diversity of adult and continuing education practice and scholarship and the increasingly global leadership community that constitutes the IACE Hall of Fame.

On this page we supply additional information about and for members of the Hall of Fame specificly in the European region.

The next HOFE meeting will be February 26, 2024, at 3pm -5 pm CET.

This meeting will be dedicated to the discussion of new nominations in 2024. The Call will be open from February 1 to May 1, 2024.
Find attached a Call for papers for the Journal Form@re to be used in the Conference 7-9 November in Florence, surrounding the HOF Induction Ceremony 2024 on 8 November.

Important: the 2024 IACE-HOF Induction Ceremony will take place in Firenze.

Paolo had generously offered to host the induction ceremony at the University of Florence, Friday November 8, 2024. More to come.

New book:

Let me share with all in HOFE a new book on Lalage Bown (inducted in 2009 into the Hall of Fame) that was just published by Florence University Press: "Adult Education and Social Justice: International Perspectives". Edited by Maria Slowey, Heribert Hinzen, Michael Omolewa, Michael Osborne (all members of the Hall of Fame!) Download of the book Interesting and rarely: Focus on Africa!

The Conference in Chisinau at the Moldova State University on 9-11 November 2023

The IACE Hall of Fame was a co-organiser of the Sixth International Conference on Adult Education held November 9-11, 2023 at Moldova State University. The topic of the conference was "Education for Peace and Sustainable Development". 240 researchers participated in person, of which nine HOF-Europe members, who also gave keynote presentations at the conference (András, Ekkehard, Simona, Heribert, Paolo, Vladimir Gutu, Lauren?iu Soitu, Romita Iucu). The International Conference in Adult Education has been running for 25 years, and out of 6 editions, every 4 years, 5 were organised in Iasi, and the last one in Chisinau, this year. 3 of the 6 editions were organised with the HOF partnership. The conference meant altogether more than 600 debates and lectures, 6 indexed volumes, about 1500 participants, and hundreds of published articles.

Our virtual meeting took place on Tuesday, 21 November 2023 .


      1. Welcome (Éva&Arne)
      2. News from the Board of Directors (Éva)
      3. Induction 2023 (Éva, Katarina, Uwe, Anke)
      4. Follow-up on the research project - Interviews with HOFE members about 30 years of development of ALE (Ekkehard)
      5. Follow-up on cooperation with journals/publications (Peter, Mike, András)
      6. The Conference in Chisinau at the Moldova State University on 9-11 November 2023 (Simona)
      7. The annual in-person HOFE meeting, 2024 in Girona (Rosa)
      8. News from adult education organisations and recent and upcoming conferences, including occasions for sending LetYouKnow card; Eucen (Arne), EAEA (Uwe), ESREA (Katarina), EPALE (Balázs), UIL (Katarina).
      9. New developments and publications in European adult education policy (Arne)
      10. Other business (All)

    New publication, including many HOFE-members:

    Third International Handbook of Lifelong Learning
    This handbook discusses the challenges associated with Climate Change, Rise of Populism, Precarious Work, Learning Cities and Rural Development

    Karen Evans is main editor, will be inducted in HOF Firenze 2024. Wing On Lee, HOF 2022, is also one of the editors.

    Chapter authors:
    Maria Slowey, HOF 2015, Anke Grotlüschen, HOF 2023, Mike Osborne, HOF 2022,
    Raul Valdes Cotera, HOF 2022, Séamus O´Tuama, HOF 2022.



    At the induction ceremony in Lexington, Kentucky (Program) on October 3, 2023 two Europeans were inducted into the
    International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame:

    Uwe Gartenschläger and Prof. Dr. Anke Grotlüschen
    laudator (to the left): Prof. Séamus Ó Tuama, Ireland    laudator (to the right): Prof. Amy Rose, USA    
    Welcome to the Hall of Fame!

    Eucen 2023 Policy Talks

    The European University Continuing Education Network Eucen is the largest European association of university lifelong learning. Its mission is advocacy and influencing policy-making, thought leadership and sharing of best practises, and innovation in scholarship and practice.
    It holds annual Policy Talks with other international governmental and non-governmental organisations.
    Arne Carlsen (HoF 2017) participated in the eucen 2023 Policy Talks on 20 September in the European Parliament, and made a presentation of the IACE HoF and the HoFE as an award-giving body to strengthen the adult education profession. He asked eucen and the participating organisations to help identify possible inductees into the International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame for 2024.
    Other HoFE participants were Balazs Németh (HoF 2017) and Gina Ebner (HoF 2019).

    Sabine Schmidt-Lauf has an interesting new publication from her and colleagues as results of the Adult Education Academy in Würzburg 2022 discussing relevant issues of our field from a comparative perspective. - click there "E-book in Open Access".

    Our HOF-member Chris Duke died on 22 June 2023
    This is very sad news for all of us who were lucky to have met Chris and worked with him at different stages throughout his extraordinary life. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2014.
    Chris was the brain and energy behind founding PIMA and kept it growing in reach and strength. In a special issue of PIMA his contributions locally and globally were honoured.

    Members of the Hall-of-Fame at the
    tenth anniversary of Adult Education Academy in Würzburg (Germany)

    "This is a model of success” the president of Würzburg University (Germany) praised the “Adult Education Academy” at the celebration of the ten years of this program (Feb. 14, 2023 program-information). It was founded and is directed by HOF-member Regina Egetenmeyer (HOF 2019) for international master and doctoral students and practitioners with partner universities in Hungary, Italy, India, Nigeria, Portugal, Serbia, and Slovenia. More than 700 doctoral and master students and practitioners, coming from 49 different countries, participated in the ten years.
    Hall-of-Fame-member Prof. Rita Süssmuth (HOF 2006), former President of the German Parliament, delivered the keynote. Several HOF-members have been teaching in the AEA like Arne Carlsen (HOF 2017), Gina Ebner(HOF 2019), Regina Egetenmeyer (HOF 2019), Heribert Hinzen (HOF 2006), Licínio Lima (HOF 2022), Balázs Németh (HOF 2018), Mike Osborne (HOF 2022), Séamus O´Tuama (HOF 2022), Katarina Popovic (HOF 2011), Jost Reischmann (HOF 1999), Sabine Schmidt-Lauff (HOF 2022), Maria Slowey (HOF 2015), Alan Tuckett (HOF 2006), or Raul Valdes-Cotera (HOF 2022).

    HOF-members at the anniversary in Würzburg left to right: Heribert Hinzen, Sabine Schmidt-Lauff,
    Rita Süssmuth, Regina Egetenmeyer-Neher, Jost Reischmann, Séamus O’Tuama. Not in the photo: Balázs Németh

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